Maria Safronova. 5 seconds. 2018. From the series "O.B.Zh"
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Maria Safronova: By drawing the process of disappearance, I stop it

04 / 24 / 2020
The artist is sure that in her works she depicts the real world, just stops a moment that never repeats. Although this world in her works looks surreal or even fantastic
After Surikovsky, many of our friends went to study at the Institute of Contemporary Art. At first I did not understand why they needed it, I had enough of the world history of art, its understanding, deep love for it. After all, I studied at the monumental department and constantly communicated with great art, with frescoes and did not think about anything else. But the further I lived and continued to work as a muralist, the more I felt that I could not express what really excites me in accessible means. It was then that I went to the Institute of Contemporary Art in order to find some way out of my closed world, in order to understand how the system of contemporary art works (for example, where to exhibit).